Photo by: Miyu Terasawa

serenitatem is the latest in RVNG’s collaboration series.

RVNG Intl. has paired Visible Cloaks with Japanese avant-garde artists Yoshio Ojima and Satsuki Shibano for serenitatem, the latest instalment of its collaboration series FRKWYS.

Yoshio Ojima began his career as a composer of ambient and environmental music, collaborating frequently with pianist Satsuki Shibano, best known for her interpretations of Erik Satie and Claude Debussy.

The collaborative process began remotely, with Visible Cloaks sending music made on tour to Ojima, which provided the groundwork for recording sessions that took place in Sonduno Studios, Tokyo in 2017.

The quartet used MIDI randomization, as well as a generative music software called Wotja to expand the compositions that now form the album. “The aim was to make a work that was not specifically ambient (or environmental)”, says Doran, “but something more multi-hued, weaving these deconstructive concepts into an album that has a deeper architecture underpinning it.”

serenitatem, FRKWYS Vol. 15 arrives via RVNG Intl. on April 15 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork, video stills and the tracklist below.


01. ‘Toi’
02. ‘Anata’
03. ‘You’
04. ‘Atelier’
05. ‘S’Amours ne fait par sa grace adoucir (Ballade 1)’
06. ‘Lapis Lazuli’
07. ‘Stratum’
08. ‘Canzona per sonare no.4’
09. ‘Toi (Tokyo Mix)’ [Bonus Track]

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