The inaugural release on Axis Records sub-label Str Mrkd features a track by Julien H Mulder.

In what Axis Records is calling a “rare mistake”, Jeff Mills’ new EP features a track called ‘Patterns In Nature’, which, although credited to Mills, was actually created and produced by Swedish producer Julien H Mulder.

The track was selected by Jeff Mills for the first release on his new sub-label, Str Mrkd, as the techno pioneer believed it was a track that he had produced from his past recordings. Mulder had sent demo tracks to Axis Records and due to “similarities in the production style”, Mills then released ‘Patterns In Nature’ as his own after discovering it on an unmarked CD.

In a statement, Axis Records said: “‘Patterns In Nature’ will be rightfully credited and all that is due will be made to the artist Julien H. Mulder.” The label also added that: “Label credit will be changed for the next repress of Str Mrkd 001.”

Str Mrkd 001, featuring Julien H. Mulder’s ‘Patterns In Nature’, is available now. For more music from the Swedish producer, check out his Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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