“Carefree, convention defying abstract electronics.”

Mumdance, Space Afrika and Teresa Winter are among the artists featured on ALERT, a new compilation LP from London-based label ALTER.

The compilation collects 15 leftfield tracks from British artists at “the fringes of carefree, convention defying abstract electronics that currently permeate our little island in an illuminating and necessary way.”

Other artists featured on the compilation include 12th Isle affiliates Cru Servers, a track from Raime side project Moin that is described by the label as “positively unholy” and Glaswegian sound artist and radio producer Mark Vernon.

ALERT arrives on April 19 via ALTER and is available to pre-order now. Check out the cover art and tracklist, and re-visit Space Afrika’s incredible FACT mix, below.



01. NAAAHHHH – ‘Theme 7’
02. Chain Of Flowers – ‘Oed’
03. Teresa Winter – ‘A free woman in an unfree society would be a monster’
04. Anna Peaker – ‘Helicidae’
05. Cru Servers – ‘Glumbooth Nitwit’
06. Helena Celle – ‘Realtime’
07. Mostuitoes – ‘Eraserom’
08. Moin – ‘The Boxer’
09. Mumdance – ‘Path of the Seer’
10. Tomaga – ‘The Vengeful Eye’
11. Acolytes – ‘Feelings’
12. The Modern Institute – ‘Dongle Molt Golden Molt Longed Molt Tongued Molt’
13. Apostille – ‘It’s Not Right’
14. Mark Vernon – ‘The object invoked has disconnected from its host.’
15. Space Afrika -‘ Yuly’

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