Perfect Oracle folds together disparate genres into a radioactive synth slop.

Athens-based producer Xyn Cabal has readied his debut EP of hypermodern club variations, Perfect Oracle, for Manchester’s The Death of Rave imprint.

Influenced by the producer’s studies into mathematical logic and his experience living in Athens and witnessing the regular riots that have occurred since 2008’s financial crash, Perfect Oracle is a collection of tracks that deal with extremes.

Taking influence from various dance forms – footwork, grime, trance, gqom – and infusing these tropes with a splatter of surrealist synthesis, Cabal has emerged with an EP that should appeal to anyone interested in Arca, TCF or the rest of The Death of Rave’s bizarre and beautiful output.

Perfect Oracle is out now on limited edition vinyl and digital and can be bought from Boomkat.


01. ‘Ǝ’
02. ‘Nowei’
03. ‘Perfect Oracle’
04. ‘Veil-Ordnance’
05. ‘MSFVenom’

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