Photo by: ClubTogether

A global mapping project for your most memorable raves.

Dorothy Studio has launched ClubTogether, a global mapping project which allows ravers from all of the world to document their best club memories.

The interactive map allows users to contribute clubbing memories, which are filtered into various categories including ‘Night’, ‘Venue’, ‘Location’, ‘Decade’ and ‘Artist’.

You also have the option to search for a particularly memorable night, for example: ‘GOLDIE at METALHEADZ at BLUE NOTE in LONDON in the 1990s’.

The project follows Dorothy Studio’s Acid House Love Blueprint, which mapped out the history of rave culture on the circuit board of a 303 bass synthesizer. “When we launched the print we were swamped with feedback from individuals about their memories of clubs and club nights from all over the world”, explains the design studio, “Everyone wanted to contribute to the print.”

“So we decided to create ClubTogether, which is essentially a place for people to share memories of clubs and club nights (past and present).”

To explore over 1000 of these memories, or to contribute your own, head over to the ClubTogether interactive map.

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