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Half-time gabber kicks meet traditional Balkan sounds on his new track, ‘Shining Eyes’.

Berlin-based producer Goro channels his Balkan roots on his new album, Unbound Forever.

Combining elements of Turkish bubbling, Bulgarian-Roma kiuchek and Romanian ‘instrumentala criminala’ with razor-sharp contemporary club production, Goro provides a fresh context for traditional Balkan sounds. Listen to a new track, ‘Shining Eyes’, featuring Belgian producer and keyboardist Sattva, now.

Earlier this year the producer featured on Merci Jitter’s Riddled Form compilation alongside FACT favorites Sonia Calico and Epic B.

Unbound Forever arrives on June 25 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Intro/Becoming’
02. ‘Raw Feelin’
03. ‘Big Boi Tearz’
04. ‘Unbound Forever’ [ft. Krasio Kristala]
05. ‘This is a Moment in the Matrix’
06. ‘Shining Eyes’ [ft. Sattva]
07. ‘European Union’ [ft. Moesha 13]
08. ‘Always Protected’ [ft. Know VA]
09. ‘Conclusion’

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