Three essential Copenhagen fast techno records are seeing a wider release on Courtesy’s imprint. 

Kulør, the fast techno-centric label launched last year by Danish producer Courtesy, will reissue three EPs that started life on the now defunct Ectotherm.

Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet, IBON’s Three Ways and Schacke’s Make Them Remember will all be reissued, with each producer paired with a different artist to create new artwork for each release.

LA-based painter Claire Tabouret provides the cover art for Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet, Copenhagen-based sculptor Rikard Thambert has created a bespoke work for IBON’s Three Ways, while Schacke has collaborated with performance collective Young Boy Dancing Group for the artwork accompanying Make Them Remember.

“These records changed my relationship to the techno scene in Denmark”, explains Courtesy, “allowing me to help push this incredible musical force that is currently making waves all over the world, thanks to these talented guys.”

The trio of releases follows the Forever Mix EP from Kasper Marott, which was released on Kulør earlier this year. Last year Rune Bagge, IBON and Schacke all featured on Kulør 001, the compilation that introduced many to the frenetic sound of Copenhagen fast techno and which included Funeral Future’s ‘Heute Nicht’, one of our very favorite tracks of 2018.

Rune Bagge’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet, IBON’s Three Ways and Schacke’s Make Them Remember will all be released on October 4 and are available to pre-order now over at the Kulør Bandcamp. Check out the artwork and tracklists of all three releases below.

Ingen Tak Til Systemet tracklist:

A1. ‘Secret Solutions’
A2. ‘Repulsion’
B1. ‘I Am The Solution’
B2. ‘Coup D’Etat’

Three Ways tracklist:

A1. ‘Maur’
B1. ‘No Cry’
B2. ‘Svever’

Make Them Remember tracklist:

A1. ‘Make Them Remember’
A2. ‘Life Is Absurd’
B1. ‘A Future Not Materialized’

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