The second part of his “Gully Automated Music Concrète​” trilogy, Flush Real Pharynx.

Producer, DJ and sound artist Lee Gamble has announced Exhaust, the second part of his Hyperdub album triptych and “sonic documentary”, Flush Real Pharynx.

Described by Gamble as “Gully Automated Music Concrète”, the new album shifts focus from stationary serpentiform architecture and supercar engines to kinetic processes of motion and collapse, what Hyperdub calls “an MDMA rush of Boston Dynamics dog barks, hypnotic voices and imploding motion sculptures.”

Defined as “the aggressive onslaught of visual & sonic stimuli of contemporary cities & virtual spaces”, the semioblitz is a term used by the late Mark Fisher. Lee Gamble will conclude his sonic investigation of the phenomena with the third and final part of Flush Real Pharynx.

Exhaust arrives on November 15 and is available to pre-order now, Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Cream’
02. ‘Envenom’
03. ‘Glue’
04. ‘Naja’
05. ‘Tyre’
06. ‘Switches’
07. ‘Shards’
08. ‘Saccades’

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