A genre-hopping tour of London’s underground scene.

DJ-Kicks has tapped Kamaal Williams to compile the 70th installment of its eponymous mix series.

The producer and multi-instrumentalist, whose other musical projects include Henry Wu and Yussef Kamaal, will take the reins from Peggy Gou in what is described as an homage to London’s underground scene from its pioneers to its contemporaries. “…It’s about connecting the lineage and giving respect to the creators – those undervalued heroes of this British dance landscape who deserve more recognition today,” he states in a press release.

Artists featured in the compilation include Max Graef (and his Ratgrave side-project with Julius Conrad), Kaidi Tatham, Lone, Tenderlonious, K15 and Dego. Williams also contributed a few new tracks to the mix, such as ‘Shinjuku’, ‘Strings (ATL)’ and a live version of ‘Snitches Brew’, plus a Henry Wu exclusive, ‘Wivout U’.

Williams will also embark on a DJ-Kicks European club tour this month, performing DJ sets in Lisbon, Paris, London and San Sebastian.

DJ-Kicks: Kamaal Williams is out on November 8 via !K7. Pre-order it here and find the tracklist and album artwork below.


01. Budgie – ‘Sometimes’
02. Kamaal Williams – ‘Snitches Brew (live in Atlanta)’ **
03. Karriem Riggins – ‘Summer Madness S.A.’
04. Lord Tusk – ‘Space Invader (Vocal Mix)’
05. Seiji – ‘Buggin’ Out’
06. Steve Spacek – ‘Hey There’
07. Max Graef – ‘Speed Metal Jesus’
08. Kaidi Tatham – ‘Two Tens Madam’
09. Freeez – ‘Southern Freeez’
10. Peven Everett – ‘Stuck’
11. Hard House Banton – ‘Sirens’
12. Diggs Duke – ‘Cause I Love You’
13. DJ Harrison – ‘MovingUp’
14. Ratgrave – ‘Ein Kola Bitte!’
15. Wbeeza – ‘He’s So Crazy’
16. Awanto 3 – ‘Pregnant’
17. Henry Wu – ‘117 Careplan’
18. Lone – ‘Airglow Fires’
19. Henry Wu & Earl Jeffers – ‘Projections’
20. City People – ‘It’s All in the Groove’
21. Phil Asher – ‘Peace and Love’
22. Tenderlonious – ‘Song For My Father’
23. Yussef Kamaal – ‘Lowrider’
24. Steven Julien – ‘XL’ (Original Mix)
25. Kamaal Williams – ‘Shinjuku’ (DJ-Kicks) **
26. Henry Wu – ‘Wivout U’ **
27. Dego – ‘Nuts’
28. K15 – ‘Time Humbles Us All’
29. Kamaal Williams – ‘Strings’ (ATL) **

** – exclusive

DJ-Kicks tour dates:

Oct 18 – Lisbon @ Musicbox
Oct 19 – Paris @ La Bellevilloise
Oct 25 – London @ Night Tales
Oct 26 – San Sebastian @ Dabadaba

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