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Featuring crystalline synths and Kawasaki engine sounds ripped from YouTube.

Irish ambient producer J Colleran announced yesterday (October 1) the forthcoming launch of his new label, Oyae, and with it a new EP titled EP01.

The five-tracker was produced in Dublin, and according to the producer, it was first formed by meshing together and processing bits of his old projects with his new work. In a statement, he discusses how when he’s listening to his own rough drafts, he’ll walk around the city and let its sounds become part of the music.

“It’s never usually that direct an influence”, he continues, “but when I heard a motorbike speeding past I wanted to pull something straight from that and re-purpose it. I started ripping YouTube clips of motorbike engines and began processing them with granular synthesis. This eventually led to these new elements becoming the focus of the record and I broke down and restructured the original recordings around them.” Listen to one of its tracks, ‘Bene’, below.

EP01 follows Colleran’s excellent album from last year, Gardenia. It was later remixed by Gabor Lazar, Flora Yin-Wong and Patten.

EP 01 will be released on October 25. Pre-order it here.

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