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Supporting LGBTQIA+ refugees.

After launching its country-specific charity compilation series, place, earlier this year with Georgia and Colombia-focused editions, Air Texture’s next stop is The Netherlands.

place: the netherlands highlights local producers including Ranie Ribeiro, Jarlentji and DutchAfro; and was curated by Amsterdam’s Jasmin Hoek, a DJ and writer, and Axmed Maxamed, a Somali-born activist and organizer. Proceeds will go to Open Closet LGBT Netherlands, which supports LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers.

“The Netherlands positions itself as progressive and open but to People of Colour and other minority groups it is very different. LGBTQIA+ refugees are the most marginalized and the most at risk,” a press statement reads. “For place : the netherlands we wanted to bring attention and funds to organizations that help Queer refugees get advice, find an extended sense of family and belonging, get legal work and reenter society.”

The compilation is available for pre-order ahead of its November 15 release. View the cover art, tracklist and preview from DutchAfro below.


01. Accuraat – ‘Le Croissant’
02. B C Manjunath – ‘Fibonacci Konnakol ( Global Mind Surveillance Remix)’
03. DJ Bone – ‘Raw1’
04. Cuboid Kiss – ‘Bubble’
05. Raj – ‘Kas’
06. Ranie Ribeiro – ‘I Am A Dreamer’
07. Jarlentji – ‘Fool For You’
08. Dim Garden – ‘Only You’
09. Global Mind Surveillance – ‘Black Anger’
10. Loradeniz – ‘Maria, The Beloved One’
11. DutchAfro – ‘Time to Trip’
12. Zohar – ‘KO’
13. Rural Juror – ‘Campestral’
14. Blusher – ‘Scarf of Jus/ Carpark’
15. Pasiphae – ‘Hard in the Paint’

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