Three cassettes, 29 artists.

Brooklyn-based collective-label hybrid Cultivated Sound has announced a colossal compilation spread across three cassettes.

Special Interest Group features 29 New York-based and international artists that work in the realms of ambient, electro-acoustic, noise, house and techno and includes tracks from Doc Sleep, Jaclyn Kendall, Gaspar Peralta, Phon.o, Ariel Zetina and many more.

As Cultivated Sound explains, the comp intends to visualize a post-utopian sphere where the musicians collectively narrate their experience of traveling to an imaginary reality. The tracks do so by “experimenting and advancing sound from machines and acoustic instruments, inputting information [and] creating an environment to learn, collaborate, reflect and address ideas to each other”.

The compilation will be available on October 21 both digitally and as a special art edition of 100 bundled cassettes made in collaboration with Pop-Up Art Project, aka PASP. A release party is scheduled to be held at Brooklyn’s Bossa Nova Civic Club on October 26. See more info on that event here.

Pre-order over at CS’s Bandcamp and see the album artwork by Tayla Roberge, the tracklist and contributor Doc Sleep’s recent FACT mix below.

Cultivated Sound album cover


Tape 1:
01. Maria Chavez – ‘Civitella #3’
02. Gaspar Peralta – ‘Santuario II’
03. Vida Vojić – ‘Touch’
04. Krishna – ‘Motion 115’ [feat. Wesley Krusher]
05. Erofeev – ‘Broke Strokes’
06. Phon.o – ‘Teasing’
07. Molecularbeats – ‘Filth’
08. Rosa Anschütz – ‘Rigid’
09. Kaade – ‘Armed’

Tape 2:
01. Statues of Eden – ‘Traum’
02. Maŕa – ‘Sweet Eye’
03. Black Lauren – ‘Presuppositions of a Malevolent God’
04. XGLARE – ‘Arc Shell’
05. Doc Sleep – ‘ND-81’
06. Hiroko Yamamura – ‘Gatsout’
07. Jaclyn Kendall – ‘Case Of Hysteria’
08. Heidi Sabertooth – ‘Extra Sensory’
09. Chamberlain Zhang – ‘Zero’

Tape 3:
01. Midori (Menace) – ‘Some Things (solo)’
02. Virtual Crimes – ‘Talk’
03. Anna Wall – ‘Where Time Goes’
04. DJ Spider & Phil Moffa – ‘Unmasked’
05. Frankie Bones – ‘The Happy Track’
06. Nicuri – ‘Tentacles’
07. Salem Hilal – ‘Creep’
08. Soul Tangler – ‘Kill Em’
09. Ariel Zetina – ‘Orbital Rim’

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