Listen to an expansive new track, ‘Invisible Machine’, now.

Joni Judén is back as Celestial Trax with a new album, Listen, Hear, Know, Become, Be.

Juden describes the project as “his most minimal and monolithic work to date”, as he explores “close harmony relations and frequency structures” to expose what he calls “the expressive qualities buried deep in sound and sustained tone.”

The producer released his last album as Celestial Trax, Serpent Power, at the beginning of this year. He also revealed a new alias, Sisilisko, debuting on Amniote Editions with HoxA​-​5: In Turiya.

Listen, Hear, Know, Become, Be arrives on November 15 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Invisible Machine’
02. ‘New Masters of Psychedelic Ambience’
03. ‘Plant Worship’
04. ‘Transverberation’
05. ‘Out of Body Blues II’
06. ‘Out of Body Blues I’
07. ‘Vallila’
08. ‘Plant Worship (Slight Return)’
09. ‘Out of Body Blues III’
10. ‘Transfiguration’

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