The DJ and producer has since deleted a string of offensive and insensitive tweets responding to outrage over pictures of her wearing cornrows.

Nina Kraviz is facing a backlash over a number of insensitive and offensive tweets.

The трип boss was responding to widespread outrage over pictures she uploaded that showed her wearing cornrows.

The pictures prompted one Twitter user to raise questions about Kraviz’s ghetto house-channeling track ‘Ghetto Kraviz’, to which the producer responded by quoting a “history teacher” talking about braiding traditions and by claiming that the word ‘ghetto’ speaks to the experiences of Polish Jews during World War II.

One of those critiquing the DJ and producer was Discwoman founder Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, to which Kraviz responded by accusing her of bullying, “validating reverse racism”, explaining that, coming from a “remote asian city”, she was exempt from white privilege and ultimately calling Hutchinson “an actual racist “.

Nina Kraviz has since deleted the tweets, explaining that the backlash was “out of proportion” and stating: “Lets stop this hatred. I am not a racist”. Techno producer Rrose identified Kraviz’s defensiveness as the route of much of the Twitter backlash.

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