A 303-track USB containing most of the German master’s ’90s output, including releases from Mike Ink, Love Inc., Studio 1 and Mint.

Kompakt is taking a trip back to the ’90s with EARQUAKE, a comprehensive retrospective compilation of the early productions of Wolfgang Voigt.

The compilation is presented on a USB drive containing 303 tracks, a reference to the producer’s favorite bass sequencer. These consist of all the releases from Voigt’s solo projects from the 1990s, including Mike Ink, Love Inc. and Studio 1, as well as most of his compilation appearances from the period.

Also featured are 75 unreleased tracks, including the 1995 album Mit Maschinen Sprechen. The USB will come packaged with a booklet in a limited edition box which will cost, naturally, €303. Each track from the release will also be available digitally for €1.

EARQUAKE is out now, via Kompakt.

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