Fed up, club-friendly and relatable as hell. 

Toronto producer and vocalist Victoria Cheong, aka New Chance, has released a new EP, Hardly Working.

Across four tracks, the EP channels the “spooky energy” of early ’90s club hits. Opener ‘The Unexpected Door’ is mysterious, glistening and delightfully quirky; while the robotic ‘Overworked’ doubles as a fed-up working person’s anthem. “You’re always underrated, you should be compensated,” Cheong sings. “This game is rigged, you don’t see…”

A natural followup to ‘Overworked’, the title track is an absolute warehouse stomper that sounds and feels cathartic in its pounding sounds and emphatic sigh releases, as if they were all born of pent-up frustration, while ‘Alone on the Floor’ takes listeners out on a silky-smooth house note with a simple but catchy chorus.

Hardly Working is out now on bandcamp. Find the video for ‘Overworked’ below along with the cover artwork and the tracklist.


01. ‘The Unexpected Door’
02. ‘Overworked’
03. ‘Hardly Working’
04. ‘Alone on the Floor’

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