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Four tracks of pure house energy.

Sometimes going to a music festival alone can make you feel miserable and lonely, leaving you to wonder why you even came in the first place.

For London-based producer sweetestcape, it had the opposite effect and inspired his latest EP, 1-800-BOATTAXI, which features four tracks of low-slung, groovy house with hip-hop, jazz and breakbeat influences.

In an interview with Identification of Music, sweetestcape shared his experience at this year’s Dimensions Festival at Fort Punto Christo, Croatia, and how he wrote the EP within five weeks of returning in order to preserve its “pure” energy. Though it was his first time going solo to a festival, he made friends with a group waiting to take a boat taxi to the event’s opening concert.

“There must’ve been thousands of people waiting for this boat and it was a really small boat,” he recalled, “so it was running back and forth trips, so… we just got plastered on the beach instead and ‘Boat Taxi’ was born.”

1-800-BOATTAXI is out now on Satta Records, with a limited series of cassettes scheduled for release on January 16, 2020.


01. ‘CALL 1-800-BOATTAXI NOW!’
02. ‘I CAN BE’

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