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DJ Lostboi (aka Malibu) and Torus will release a split LP on Dutch label Queeste next year.

The Flash finds DJ Lostboi on the A-side and Torus on the B-side with luminous compositions thematically linked by what the artists describe as “the rare sight of the sun giving off a bright green lightburst into the horizon.”

The split is the pair’s latest connect following Torus’ guest sets for Malibu’s United in Flames radio show and Torus’ remix of DJ Lostboi’s ‘D MAJOR XO LIFE’ from 2017’s GOT LOST.

The Flash arrives January 24, 2020 and is available for pre-order now. See the artwork and tracklist below


01. DJ Lostboi – ‘Open World’
02. DJ Lostboi – ‘Ordinary People’
03. DJ Lostboi – ‘LB 100’
04. DJ Lostboi – ‘Dont Worry (Child Mix)’

01. Torus – ‘Enter the Sun’
02. Torus – ‘Pier’
03. Torus – ‘Radiate 540’
04. Torus – ‘Arrival’

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