Photo by: Sam Clarke / Ting Ding

Inspired by digital culture theorist McKenzie Wark.

NYC producer Selwa Abd, aka Bergsonist and theorist, journalist and sound artist Deforrest Brown, Jr., aka Speaker Music, have come together for a collaborative release.

Sublime Language of My Century, which was originally broadcast on NTS on January 4, is split into two sections and features live electronics and vocals from both artists.

The collaborative release was inspired by digital culture theorist McKenzie Wark’s book Capital Is Dead. Is This Something Worse?, and takes that work as a “framework towards a fluid electronic social thought.”

Last year saw Bergsonist releasing a new album on Optimo Music with Middle Ouest and Speaker Music making his debut on Planet Mu with of desire, longing.

Sublime Language of My Century is out now on bizaarbazaar.

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