Photo by: Freja Sigsgaard

Listen to sultry lead single ‘Like That’ now.

Danish producer Schacke’s latest release for Berlin’s Instruments of Discipline is a four track EP titled Artificial Intercourse

Described by the label as an erotic “soma soundtrack to 2020’s brave, new world, a science-fiction, club hallucination” the lead single ‘Like That’ layers intimate vocal utterances and squelchy samples over warm and driving drums.

Schacke first appeared on the label’s 2018 Eating From The Orchard Of The Heart compilation and soon followed that up with 2019’s Welcome to the Pleasure Dome EP.

Late last year, the producer also announced an upcoming EP There’s Something Inside Me on SPFDJ, which will be released on February 21.

Artificial Intercourse lands a bit earlier on January 27 and is available for pre-order now. This time around, the EP comes accompanied by some Schacke-branded merch. See the artwork by Freja Sigsgaard-Hansen, tracklist and click through the link to listen to Schacke’s ‘Кислотный пипл (Kisloty People)’ from last year’s Клуб Навсегда EP below.


01. ‘All Over My Body’
02. ‘Like That’
03. ‘Cybernetic Seduction’
04. ‘Dissonant Child’

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