Listen to some snippets below.

Toronto’s Daniel 58 and Yohei S have announced a new split EP via their own Parallel Minds, the label they launched with Ciel in early 2019.

Eight Two Five presents a pair of tracks from each producer that overall presents what they characterize as a deft blend of “broken dub beats, grime textures and hypnotic 4/4 grooves.”

It’s the label’s second release following their debut Parallel Minds Vol. 1 compilation that featured the three founders alongside Radiant Aura Faculty, aka Raf Reza.

The 12″ is available for pre-order now via Rudadub with a release date set for late January or early February. See the tracklist below and revisit Ciel’s FACT mix below.


A1. Daniel 58 – ‘If It’s Dead Now, When Was It Alive?’
A2. Daniel 58 – ‘Grump When I’m Wake’
B1. Yohei S – ‘Ccontac’
B2. Yohei S – ‘Down by Three’

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