Image via: Sprüth Magers

Featuring sculptures, photographs and the artist’s 2019 film Ocean II Ocean.

Artist and filmmaker Cyprien Gaillard draws inspiration from oceans, fossils and the tidal movements of history in Reefs To Rigs, a new show at Sprüth Magers Los Angeles.

The exhibition features sculptures and photographs combining elements of urban infrastructure with oceanic features such as coral and fossils.

Cyprien Gaillard
Cyprien Gaillard
Photos via Sprüth Magers website

Referencing to Rigs to Reefs, an initiative to leave decommissioned oil rigs intact to provide new environments for marine life, the show sees Cyprien Gaillard drawing connections between New York subway toilets, ancient coral and ocean fossils.

Reefs To Rigs will also present Ocean II Ocean, Gaillard’s 2019 film which premiered at the 58th Venice Biennale and which the artist presented at the 2019 edition of Berlin Atonal with a live score, woven together from samples of steel pan orchestras.

The exhibition is showing from February 11 – March 21. For more details, head over to the Sprüth Magers website.

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