Carsten Nicolai shares the visuals from the AV show based on his 2018 album.

Back in 2018 Alva Noto, the musical alias of German artist Carsten Nicolai, released UNIEQAV, the third in his Uni- series of dancefloor-orientated releases inspired by the Tokyo club UNIT.

For live performances of the album, the artist drew inspiration from mathematics, data, unit systems, and codes to create mesmerising visuals to accompany UNIEQAV, which the artist describes as “sonically representing an underwater dive”.

Now you can experience the album with all the visuals used for those live shows with a new playlist, courtesy of Alva Noto and Noton.

UNIEQAV is available on digital and physical formats at the Noton website. You can also buy all of the videos in HD via Apple Music.

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