Inspired by spiritual music traditions, Danish hymns and the loss of a loved one.

Minais B, best known for his collaborations with experimental pop trio KhalilH2OP and Astrid Sonne, debuts on Anyines with his second solo album, Quiet Bloom.

Drawing from his interest in spiritual music traditions, Minais B combines electronics and synthesizers with organ compositions. “I used weaving as a musical metaphor while composing”, he explains, “juxtaposing computer music and the more organic sounds of the church organ, but weaving it together as whole, to try and convey the different colours of sorrow”.

The album was inspired in part by the loss of a loved one and the experience of grief. “This music grew from a place of great loss and emptiness” he says. “But instead of dwelling in those states it sparked a lightness.”

Quiet Bloom arrives on April 2020 and is available to pre-order now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

Minais B


01. ‘Where We Meet’
02. ‘Weaver’
03. ‘Intermezzo I’
04. ‘Ceremony’
05. ‘Spirit Of Miiyo’
06. ‘Little Sun’
07. ‘Intermezzo II’
08. ‘Magnolia’

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