Released in ‘Slightly Longer’ and ‘Slightly Shorter’ versions.

Claire Boucher’s cyberpunk credentials are on show in her latest videos for ‘Idoru’, taken from her recently released album Miss Anthropocene.

The ‘Slightly Longer’ and ‘Slightly Shorter’ videos for ‘Idoru’, which takes its’ title from the second book in fellow Vancouverite William Gibson’s Bridge Trilogy, feature the protagonist of post-apocalyptic JRPG NieR: Automata. Both videos are also interspersed with clips from ’90s anime Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Going further down the cyperpunk rabbit hole, there’s a neat easter egg In the ‘Slightly Shorter’ version of the video. At 1:44 Boucher shows off an edition of Idoru dedicated to ‘Claire’.

Miss Anthropocene is out now.

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