Peter Hook to perform New Order's <em>Movement</em> and <em>Power Corruption & Lies</em> in London and Manchester.

If relations between Peter Hook and his former bandmates were already chilly, this might push things well below the sub-zero mark. 

Since leaving New Order in 2009, Hook has ventured around the UK performing Joy Division albums in their entirety with his new ensemble Peter Hook And The Light – something his former bandmates have evidently been less than happy about. After some prolonged tit-for-tat between the two parties (not to mention accusations and counter-accusations of on-stage miming), Hook has announced that he’ll now be giving two classic New Order records the karaoke treatment.

Peter Hook & The Light are set to perform New Order’s 1981 debut album Movement on January 17 at London’s Koko. Hook and his merry band will then head to Manchester Cathedral on January 18 to give Power Corruption & Lies the once-over. The band also promise to revisit seminal singles from the band’s 1981-83 purple patch, including ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Ceremony’ and ‘Temptation’. A charity donation to MIND and Forever Manchester is included in the ticket price.

The new order of New Order, meanwhile, are currently preparing to crack on with an “electronic synth album”.



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