They’re often unfairly ignored, and we’re sure, as digital continues to take over, will eventually die out, but we still really love split singles here at FACT. 

It’s good to see we’re not alone then: Los Angeles bedroom disco starlet Nite Jewel will share space on a forthcoming 7″ with Woo, a.k.a. veteran brothers Mark and Clive Ives, whose past work has included ambient records produced especially for healing and meditation – their 1989 album It’s Cosy Inside has also recently been reissued. It’s an interesting and unexpected pairing, but also makes total sense, which is exactly what you want from a split 7″ single.

Drag City and Yoga Records will be releasing it on October 8: Woo’s contribution is an “essential non-LP track from back in the day”, ‘Intensity’, while Nite Jewel’s side is a track titled ‘P.S.’

You can read FACT’s review of Nite Jewel’s excellent second album, One Second of Love, here.



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