In a new interview with ClashNight Slugs co-founder L-Vis 1990 outlines some of his future plans.

Discussing what’s coming after Ballads, his aquatic new EP for Night Slugs, L-Vis reveals that he’s in the midst of a “very crazy” album project with Simbad, the former FACT mixer who contributed to Mala’s Mala in CubaCooly G’s Playin Me and more. Past that, he’s working on “distorted EBM style techno” with Lee Douglas, a “club track” with Joakim (who’s also been collaborating with L-Vis’s Night Slugs label mate Jam City), and an EP with “a certain Fade to Mind member”.

Elsewhere in the interview, L-Vis reveals that his edits of DAT Oven’s spine-tingling ‘Icy Lake’ will be coming out as a collaborative Night Slugs and Fade to Mind release (“it’s turned into a trilogy of remixes from me”), while ‘Temptation Ha’, a dub from L-Vis’s Night Slugs Mix 002, will be seeing release through MikeQ’s Qween Beat label with a vocal by Dashaun.

You can read the full interview here, and watch the trailer for Ballads below.



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