Tricky’s story is well told.

A kingmaking appearance on Massive Attack’s Blue Lines; 1995’s peerless debut Maxinquaye; trip-hop touchstone Pre-Millennium Tension; and a string of unpredictable albums tilting from punk to reggae and back again. His latest album, False Idols, arrives on his new label of the same name, and finds him sounding at his most focused since the mid 1990s.

In the first of our anecdote-stuffed two-part interview, Tricky talks us through his fall-out with former home Domino, snubbing Lenny Kravitz, Margaret Thatcher’s “strong woman vibe”, and a frankly absurd encounter with Katie Price. For Tricky’s account of saying sorry to Björk, unwittingly collaborating with a gay icon, and just what the hell was going on during that infamous Glastonbury appearance with Beyonce, head to Part Two.

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