Didn’t like Random Access Memories? Listen to a mix of tracks sampled by Daft Punk over the years

By , May 15 2013

The music keeps on playing on and on.

Whosampled.com has long been the best way of finding out exactly what that niggly sample is in whatever rap track or other you heard at the Laundromat, and now they have kindly provided this fantastic mix of samples used by French electronic dons Daft Punk.

Pieced together by rap collector and notable record nerd Chris Read, we get to span the French duo’s history through the music that actually informed their songs, and it’s a fantastically engaging listen. Even those of you who hated the new record (and we know there are plenty out there, we can read the comments too) should find something good in this collection.

You can read FACT editor Tom Lea’s opinions on Random Access Memories here.

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