Tricky rides again.

Tricky‘s on form right now, with new album False Idols just around the corner, his press tour has been typically good value. In a brand new interview with Exberliner, the trip hop pioneer touched on some entertainingly controversial topics, including the much anticipated Massive Attack reunion, US President Barack Obama and ex-British PM Winston Churchill.

“I was working with 3D from Massive Attack last year and within two hours I had to say to him “Look, no one gives a fuck about Massive Attack. It’s a different generation. No one cares about us anymore,”… My friends, they’re white, they know they’re white and they act like they’re white. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a good heart, 3D, he’s not malicious, he’s not a bad person. But he’s pretentious.”

“Winston Churchill was a fucking paedophile. He used to go to Morocco and bugger young Moroccan kids.”

“You know, if this guy gave me $10 million I wouldn’t shake Obama’s hand. You know, if he walked in this room now, I’d have to say to him, there’s too much blood on your hand.”

FACT interviewed the man himself a few weeks back, and you can bet the West Country legend was just as animated. You can watch part one of the interview here, and part two here.



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