James Murphy gives an update on the "really great" new Arcade Fire album

James Murphy has talked about producing material from The Arcade Fire‘s new album for the first time.

The LCD Soundsystem founder has been linked with the Canadian group’s fourth album for some time, with Murphy eventually telling the Huffington Post that the reports were “not necessarily true” in October. In December, however, the band’s manager Scott Rodger confirmed that Murphy was working with the band “on three or so songs”, though he also claimed that the group had recorded “around 35 songs, two albums’ worth for sure”, so whether the Murphy tracks made the cut was anyone’s guess.

Now, speaking to Rolling Stone, Murphy has given a little more away about his role in the project. “There’s a lot of them, and they’re mostly self-produced – like, they don’t need a producer in a certain way,” he explains. “So I didn’t know how it would go.”

He then went onto claim that the quality of the songs allowed him to experiment a little with his approach: “It’s always working. It’s just that I might have a different way of approaching how to finish, or how to accomplish an end result that really works … I think it’s going to be a really great record, actually.”

Prior to this album the Arcade Fire had owned a church in Quebec that they converted into a recording studio, but the group took refuge into Murphy’s DFA Studio in New York this year after the church’s roof collapsed. In other Murphy news, the man from LCD Soundsystem is currently building a new soundsystem: you can read up on that, as well as streaming his recent two-hour set from DFA’s party with RBMA, here.



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