Stream a 40-minute fan mix of Boards of Canada's unreleased ambient rarities

The latest edition of the ANTS podcast features 40 minutes of ambient Boards of Canada rarities.

Although to most Boards of Canada are a group with a handful of classic records to their name, for the more dedicated the story doesn’t stop at the releases: there are several fan-made compilations of hard to find material from the brothers doing the rounds, and unfortunately, even more fake material.

The Ants in my Trance blog has compiled 40 minutes’ worth of beatless BoC, ripped largely from cassette and vinyl. “There’s a plethora of early and unreleased BoC material floating around the P2P universe“, ANTS’ Baby Armie explains. “I thought it would be fun to compile some of the beatless material into one listen. This took quite a bit of fact checking because there are many fakes and mislabeled releases out there. But I am confident that this playlist is free of errors.” These kind of fan-made comps are often more fun than the band’s actual releases – we’re sure plenty enjoyed this more than Random Access Memories, for instance – and this mix is ticking all the right boxes for us this afternoon. There’s even shades of Grouper’s mysterious FACT mix to it.

Boards of Canada have their first album since 2005, Tomorrow’s Harvest, on the way. You can read up on that here, and stream the Ants rarities mix below.

ANTS Podcast #012.5: Ambient Boards of Canada Rarities by Ants Podcast on Mixcloud



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