Talking Heads: Tricky the unstoppable quote machine strikes again, taking on Simon Cowell

Tricky the unstoppable quote machine strikes again.

The Bristolian behind iconic albums like Maxinquaye has been on relentless form this year: his two-part FACT TV episode ranged from touching (when he talks about former flame Bjork, basically) to bizarre (“Zebra Katz – do you know he’s gay?!”) to brilliantly righteous (his takedown of Lenny Kraviz), while he used a recent Guardian interview to declare – incorrectly, let’s face it – that “no one gives a fuck about Massive Attack”.

Now, speaking to Quietus editor John Doran for Noisey, the Knowle West Boy’s got someone else in his sights: Simon Cowell. Speaking on X Factor, Tricky offered to “go on that show and let anybody of them judge me. I’d say, ‘do you know what? I’ll give you a day’s studio time and I’ll have a day’s studio time, let’s do an EP and let’s see what you do and let’s see what I do’.”

“Who is the guy?”, Tricky continues. “Who is this guy whether someone is good or not? How could he have an opinion? Who is he? He’s just a guy who dresses badly.” Indeed.

You can watch the full interview here.



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