Who’s your Geogaddi?

Few albums come as eagerly anticipated as Boards Of Canada‘s Tomorrow’s Harvest, and today we have the chance to hear the whole thing from beginning to end thanks to a live stream over at the band’s site, as announced last week.

As with the morning after Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories stream, we’ll be compiling the best quips, comments and knee-jerk reactions from the wild world of Twitter as they happen. Tag your reactions with #TomorrowsHarvest if you want to be included. Limmy, that means you.

Watch the stream via the YouTube embed above, and read our pick of the comments as they come in below.

Post-stream reactions (23.00 UK time)

Atra Aeterna ‏Hearing the new Boards of Canada while Super Metroid-ing is the modern equivalent of syncing up Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz.

MrBeatnick Mathematical formula for twitter crash – BOC x GOT

Thomas Yorke Thank you based BOC!

Stream reactions (22:00)

Charles Bernard ‏about 45m in and this might be the best song yet — understated bass, raindrop-like synths

Benjamin Damage This is a really great album

Tom Robinson ‏Sounds like Peter Gabriel dozing off with his face in a vagina. #TomorrowsHarvest I like it.

LeopoldDavidMusic if everyone watching the transmission would meet, we could fill up a concert hall and have one of the greatest concerts in history”

Osmio Mayer Are them the real BOC? Don’t think so. We’re kidnapping when this dub-step shit finishes.”

Max Jackson thanks boc. now i have motivation to make my life’s work

André Costa aliens will listen to this and send us peace signs from other planets”

bones any and all expectations of perfection have been surpassed #tomorrowsharvest

Smapdi1000 This is what Luigi listen to on his Ipod on level 2 state 1

Stream reactions (21:40)

NowoneElz That @boctransmission is giving me the meaning of life. It’s so fuckin haunted and clear

jamesadonner Loving the new Boards Of Canada album so far, but their albums are always growers. I can’t wait to spend more time with #TomorrowsHarvest

Joseph Gelsomini its weird to imagine that so many other people are sitting together watching this at the same time, even if we arent in the same place

CigsUnfounded Like a retro-futurist version of the Metropolis zone from Sonic 2.

Tristan Carkeet I thought BOC had an intelligent fan base until today, thanks everyone

hunhistory i can literally feel the sky now… if you dont do psychedelics now you’re stupid mmm but i love meows

Stream reactions (21:31)

RossiuWasGod Warp Records guy here. This album is about Alien Contact in the desert, bringing very 80’s synth into the mix, very movie-ish, very John Carpenter inspired. Enjoy.” [hmm – Ed]

Xilef276 I think we should all relax and thing about this: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Yusef Mechaiekh The entire album is going to build up to the last track and the last track will entirely be the filthiest drop in existence.”

Nic Johnny Cadillac Moriarty absolutely divine so far. such delicious analogue. with just the slightest hint of ‘look around you’. not a bad thing at all.

Youckaify The one’s that has been chosen are feeling something right now.

WarpRecords Did @boctransmission break twitter? [Yes – Ed]

Stream reactions (21:24)

LuckyMe ‏the boc chatroom is so incredible. an airport corporate sculpture. a ticker-tape of ‘where’s the drops”

scotochromogen definitely getting a Klaus schulze vibe there

throughsilver Enjoying this #TomorrowsHarvest stream, but I kind of wish it counted as scrobbles on my last.fm. I’m a geek like that.

DJ HAUS ☠ ‏i want to tweet about the BOC stream but twitter is dead :P

ck675 I feel like only boring people would call this boring

Stream reactions (21:16)

Keith Kenniff sounds beautiful!

Slenderbro this is very reminiscent of that film

LarryLawyerGorman whoa how they fuck do they manage to sound like this

James Austria this will be my first vinyl

jacques greene John Carpenter on a peyote spirit quest

TheBlackDog ‏If you cant access http://Boardsofcanada.com , just play the old album with jam in your ears!

markusb2 umm the beats are off, someone should notify members of BoC :/


Stream reactions (21:06)

Chris Ok, I’ve heard enough of #TomorrowsHarvest to know I like it, where can I get my hands on a copy immediately?

NicholasX9 This would be a great opportunity to rick roll thousands of people live”

Cokemachineglow As claustrophobic as Geogaddi, as expansive as Campfire

Arul Kacker I’m 19. I’ve practically waited a third of my life for this.

drdactyl whatever is happening, its boring.

therandommike What drop? Who said where’s the drop? Go suck an ass.

Pre-stream reactions (20:58)

Alta Aydin someone stab me in the dick so i know im alive and this is happening

Stuart Hayzelden – Just need momma to hurry up with these damn burritos #ilovemymom

Jack William Cooper Somewhat envious of those in Japan listening to the #TomorrowsHarvest transmission tonight – 5am feels like the perfect time for it #BOC

WhiteRhinoTeam Great to see Blue Oyster Cult trending tonight

Dan Layton Anybody considered the possiblity that this countdown is, in fact, the new album? No? Just me then.

MrPopDrunk i wonder if boc is watching the comments right now. lets hope not, because that would be creepy

Dudeman162 They should have name their band Boards of the United States.

Dudeman162 Time goes by faster than usual because BoC fans have the ability to ignore time.

Chris Hirst Oh wow, this sounds amazing! Does anyone know if it’s supposed to get louder though?

vurt my inner grammar nerd (outer one too) cringes every time i see #tomorrowsharvest. yet apostrophes in hashtags are so ugly. #torment[We feel you! – Ed]



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