Virgins’ birth.

Following up the massively acclaimed Ravedeath, 1972 was never going to be simple, but then Canadian drone don Tim Hecker has never taken the easy route. The artist has just announced his highly anticipated next full-length, and entitled Virgins it apparently loses much of the gristly distortion that has defined his work up until now.

The album was recorded in Reykjavik, Seattle and Montreal using woodwind, pianos and synthesizers and is billed as Hecker’s most defined to date, apparently drawing influence from the theological aspirations of early minimalist music.

We’re not sure what we think about losing the distortion just yet, but assisted again by Ben Frost and Valgeir Sigurðsson, you can be sure that we’re in for something that will surpass any expectations.


01 Prism
02 Virginal I
03 Radiance
04 Live Room
05 Live Room Out
06 Virginal II
07 Black Refraction
08 Incense at Abu Ghraib
09 Amps, Drugs, Harmonium
10 Stigmata I 11 Stigmata II
12 Stab Variation

Virgins is due October 14 via Kranky.



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