She can’t stop.

It’s safe to say that ex-child star Miley Cyrus has had a weird year. She’s discovered rap music, dropped a track chock full of drug references, shot a video that looks as if it was produced by people deemed unfit to work at Adult Swim and, who could forget, turned twerking into a worldwide phenomenon. Well, don’t think for a second she’s about to put on the brakes, as famed rap producer Mike WiLL Made It has just revealed in an interview with Life + Times that Cyrus will be rapping on his brand new single ’23’.

Snipped from his forthcoming full-length Established in 1989: Part 3, ’23’ will also feature guest appearances from Wiz Khalifa (who we’re worried is now so prolific he’s going to find a time machine so he can guest on every rap track in the past, too) and Juicy J and is due out “within the next month”.

Will said “It’s a record where I had to try out something different. Miley is kind of rapping to it.” Whether the world is ready to hear that, we’re not so sure, but at least Will was savvy enough to address Cyrus’s dance flaws, stating “I don’t think she wants to hold the title for ‘Queen of Twerking’ or anything.” [via AllHipHop]



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