Give the John Carpenter-referencing follow-up to Trilogy the once over. 

Abel Tesfaye’s not always been easy to get behind over the last six months: between the Portishead sampling brouhaha, that fantastically cynical signed box set and some less-than-adorable interview comments (“I want to show the world that I can shit out albums like nothing.”), it’s been a fairly objectionable run for the Toronto singer. Still, for all the off-colour conduct, it’s worth remembering that Tesfaye was the man behind our favourite album of 2011 – and now the sequel is available to bump in full.

The 12-track Kiss Land includes the controversial ‘Belong To The World’, plus the recently unveiled ‘Live For’. Drake guests, and Kavinsky and Pharrell appear on the album bonus cuts (note: the latter is available to stream separately here).

Head here to listen, courtesy of NPR




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