Pete Namlook‘s untimely death this time last year didn’t attract hectares of column inches, but it was arguably one of electronic music’s bigger losses. 

Before his passing in November 2012, the Frankfurt native was one of the respected and industrious ambient producers of the last two decades. As boss of the FAX +49-69/450464 label, Namlook presided over releases from the likes of Thomas P. Heckmann, Uwe Schmidt and Bill Laswell, not to mention approximately 130 albums of his own, often revelatory solo material.

One of his more frequent collaborators was Dave Moufang, aka Move D. Best known for high-intensity house releases on Warp, Modern Love, Running Back and plenty, plenty more, Moufang has also put out his fair share of ambient releases in his time, notably through his seminal early 1990s Source Records imprint.

Moufang will pay tribute to his departed friend on a new album for txt, The Silent Orbiter. Consisting of a single 54-minute track, the album promises a “rather dark and droney, requiem style” piece, closer in spirit to Moufang’s gentler work.

The Silent Orbiter will arrive on December 1 on txt. A snippet of the album is available to stream below. Head here to listen to Move D’s comparatively up-tempo FACT mix.

01. The Silent Orbiter



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