The British techno heavyweight returns with a second full-length.

Shifted has announced a new album out next month on Bed of Nails, the one-year-old label curated by Dominick Fernow of Vatican Shadow and Prurient.

Titled Under A Single Banner, the album is described by the producer as “more scuffed and raw” than his 2012 debut Crossed Paths. Speaking to RA, he explained that the nine-track collection is “very sparse in terms of component parts, only this time I’ve abused things a little more with external processing.”

Shifted also revealed that he’s been writing new material for his faster-BPM Covered In Sand project as well as developing his label Avian/Mira and working with Sigha on more music as A Model Authority.

Under A Single Banner is out on November 25. The album sleeve, inspired by saturated VHS footage, has been designed by label boss Fernow.

Earlier this year Shifted contributed to an EP of remixes of The KVB, teamed up with The Village Orchestra for a split cassette/DVD release and delivered a mix of breakneck techno under his Covered In Sand guise.


01 Core Of Stone
02 Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart
03 Suspended Inside
04 Under A Single Banner
05 Burning Tyres
06 Pulse Incomplete
07 Contract 0
08 Story Of Aurea
09 Wash Over Me



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