Future and Ciara – for once, a musical power couple worth getting excited about – are affianced. 

Ciara’s something of an R&B veteran, but her critical stock is high at the moment, with her self-titled 2013 album (and standout single ‘Body Party’ in particular) knocking our socks off. Future, meanwhile, has been just about unassailable over the last 18 months: 2012’s cyber-fantasy Pluto still sounds scintillating, and he’s been filing redemptive guest spots for everyone from Miley Cyrus to Lil Wayne this year. The pair have worked together a number of times too, with Future writing and guesting on Ciara.

The pair, who have been an official item since January, have now announced their engagement. Future popped the question during celebrations for Ciara’s 28th birthday in New York. Collaborative full-length, please!

Congratulations to the couple. Future has had a somewhat more rocky relationship with Drake in the last month, supposedly quitting and then rejoining his Would You Like A Tour? concert series.



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