ARTPOP may have only been on the shelves for a matter of weeks, but if Lady Gaga is to be believed, then its sequel could be with us surprisingly quickly.

Gaga hinted that the album may be in two separate parts (one “commercial” and one “experimental”) last October, and now has appeared to back up that statement in an interview with MSN.

Talking about the upcoming ARTPOP tour, she explained, “Once I start to get the story together [for the live show], I’ll figure out if I’m gonna keep it in order or not. And by then, as well, I might have act two out from the album, and it might be nice to play both ‘acts’ on the tour.”

It certainly sounds as if “act two” might be the next album, and who knows, if she really is going in a more “experimental” direction maybe she’ll get Whitehouse’s William Bennett involved, he certainly had some interesting thoughts on ARTPOP. [via NME]



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