Rock and Roll Heart.

Lou Reed‘s death on October 27 shook the music world to its very core, and predictably friends, collaborators and fans were lining up to be featured in BBC4’s celebration of Reed’s influential career Lou Reed Remembered. The documentary is set to air this Sunday in the U.K. and will fittingly include contributions from The Velvet Underground’s Mo Tucker and Doug Yule.

Thurston Moore, who’s former band Sonic Youth probably never would have existed without Reed’s crucial groundwork is also set to give his input, as are Blondie figurehead Debbie Harry and 80s icon Boy George. Steve Hunter (who played guitar on Berlin), actress Holly Woodlawn (who was famously referenced in ‘Walk on the Wild Side’) and writer Paul Aster will also be contributing.

FACT collected a series of moving tributes to Lou Reed from Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson and more and you can read them all here, and our very own Chal Ravens pieced together ten of the legendary guitarist’s most important forgotten gems.



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