Digital Mystikz finally release classic lost dub <em>2 Much Chat</em>

Following last year’s long-overdue release of Mala‘s ‘Stand Against War’, Digital Mystikz have finally given another much-mythologized lost dub an official release. 

One of the sizeable armoury of classic unreleased Mala tunes, ‘2 Much Chat’ – or, as it was sometimes erroneously called, ‘Lighta!’ – will be familiar to long-time Digital Mystikz followers: Mala’s been using it as a dub in sets since deep into the last decade, and it notably featured on Kode9’s 2010 DJ-Kicks compilation.

As trailed on Mala’s Twitter earlier this year, ‘2 Much Chat’ has now got a proper release through Digital Mystikz’s seminal DMZ imprint, backed by Coki’s serrated ‘Coral Reef’. If you don’t know it already, the title track is a hypnotic, strobing exercise in echo, underpinned by some lucent MIDI synths; click below to stream both tracks on the record.

‘2 Much Chat’/’Coral Reef’ is out now on 12″.  Earlier this year, Mala dropped an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.




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