The accidental pioneer gets a visit from the Berlin techno duo.

When Charanjit Singh recorded his 1982 album Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat, he could never have imagined his experiment would be having its moment in the spotlight some 30 years later, as dance fans and producers rediscovered its bizarre combination of noodling raga melodies and smacking house beats.

Finally reissued in 2010, the album’s TR-808 and TB-303-powered “disco ragas” are a striking premonition of the acid house sound that appeared in Chicago clubs five years later and soon spread across the U.S. and Europe.

During Modeselektor’s recent tour of India, Red Bull Music Academy decided to send the techno duo to meet Singh (who was also a prolific Bollywood session musician) at his home in Mumbai, where they chatted about the meaning of raga and got a demonstration from the man himself. Watch the mini-documentary above.

Last year the pair were profiled in a feature-length documentary, We Are Modeselektor, and released their second album with Apparat under their Moderat moniker.

Hear ‘Raga Bhairav’ from Singh’s 1982 album:



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