Luis Vasquez’s The Soft Moon project waxes once again. 

At once morbid and supercharged, The Soft Moon’s self-titled 2010 debut – a fizzing cocktail of krautrock, industrial and early 1980s goth – caught our attention in a big way. 2012’s Zeros proved a capable follow-up, sticking to the high-intensity, high-volume blueprint of the first record.

After a quiet 2013, Vasquez has returned with a surprise single, ‘Feel’. In contrast to your average Soft Moon joint, which tends to crank up to a frenzied fever-pitch, ‘Feel’ is quite a neat little pop song – albeit one graffiti’d with those familiar metal-on-metal guitars.

The Feel single, backed by new track ‘Hunger’ is available to download through The Soft Moon’s Bandcamp page. The record is also available to cop on 7″ and cassette. No news, however, on whether or not this is an apertif for a third Soft Moon record.

You can read our 2012 interview with Vasquez here – or, alternatively, acquaint yourself with The Soft Moon’s suitably surly FACT mix.




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