Slow To Speak to make UK debut at Krystal Klear's Labour of Love parties

The Dope Jams proprietors hit events in Glasglow and London.

Manchester-based house maven Krystal Klear launched Labour of Love back in December. This month, he’ll be joined by Slow To Speak, the similarly-tuned DJ/record store operator duo of Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson, who will be making their UK debut.

First up is a gig at Glasgow’s Sub Club on Thursday, February 13, followed by a Valentine’s Day gig at London’s Ace Hotel on Friday, February 14; Duvall will fill in for Jon K as the opener at the latter.

Krystal Klear recently went On Record about Justin Timberlake’s Justified; both he and Slow To Speak have stepped up for FACT mixes.



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