Watch Lady Gaga get spit-roasted and puked on during SXSW performance

A special performance from the ARTPOP provocateur.

Lady Gaga played a bizarre show at SXSW last night, which opened with her being wheeled on stage tied to a huge roasting spit while singing her recent single, ‘Aura’.

In a black bikini, fishnet stockings and a heap of blonde dreadlocks, she then performed ‘Manicure’ and doused herself with beer, urging the crowd to put away their phones and watch the show instead.

The climax came with ‘Swine’, a song from her dud new album ARTPOP, during which British performance artist Millie Brown puked green liquid onto the singer before they both climbed onto a mechanical bull with Gaga shouting, “Fuck you pop music!”

It’s the stuff of Chris Morris’ dreams. Or nightmares.

Watch the bit on the spitroast:

Watch the bit with the puking and the mechanical bull:



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