Grime fans were in uproar on Sunday when the latest instalment of the genre’s long-running battle series, Lord of the Mics, ended in controversy.

For a longer run-down of what happened, head here, but in short: the headline clash between Big H and P Money ended prematurely after Big H walked off stage, claiming that he’d need to be paid more money to continue. Fans instantly labelled it as grime’s Canibus pulling out a notebook moment, and a statement by H has done little to redeem his reputation.

A minute-and-a-half video of the incident has now appeared online. It shows Big H stepping down from the clash, his subsequent arguments with Jammer and others, and, naturally, his outfit (think rebore Danny Brown) taking a beating.

H has stated that he wants a rematch, and P Money has alluded to it happening on a future Lord of the Mics.

If all this sourness makes you crave something a little more sweet, we ran down the 25 best R’n’G – that’s Rhythm ‘n’ Grime – tracks earlier this month.



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