Korg launches new Nintendo soft synth

Korg has announced a new software synth for the Nintendo CDS.

Made in collaboration with Detune, the DSN-12 works in a similar way to Korg’s recent iMS-20 soft synth for iPad. As Resident Advisor reports, “it’s built from 12 individual mono-synths based on Korg’s MS-10. You can add up to three effects to each of them—with modules ranging from delay and flanger to compression—and sequence them individually. Then, you can combine them into larger patterns and up to 99 “scenes.” You can also visualize your synthesized sounds using a 3D oscillator.”

In Korg’s words, it’s designed to make sketching ideas as easy as possible. “Since you can make your ideas take shape very quickly”, they claim, “you can enjoy constructing songs in real time while performing in a DJ-like manner.”

Watch a trailer for the DSN-12 below. Korg has been on fine form in the last 12 months, releasing a “faithful recreation” of the classic ARP Odyssey synth and this neat Lego-esque take on modular synthesis.

For more synthesis of Nintendo and music, check out the time we got Ryan Hemsworth to interview the guy behind the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack.



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